Sep 2, 2010

Final Project Proposal.

Well-I am glad I am graduating early-because my final project will be my senior show.

For my senior show I will be presenting black and white film photos of abandoned buildings in Detroit. When you're in Detroit-all you think about is how broken down it is and how it is basically just a big wasteland that needs to be plowed down and started over. Part of this is all of the large, looming industrial buildings  spread out all throughout the city. Some may be an eye sore for the city, until you think about how the entire city could be called an eye sore. But when you enter these giant empty buildings, it is more a place of solitude. You forget that there may be someone around the corner or in the next room doing a drug deal, guys caught in a fight, or someone just living in their home. As you explore these giant buildings there are beautiful rays of light shining in and filling the room with beauty. It may be broken down and in ruins, but it is still a place of wonder and mystery.

Here are a few digital photos I took while I was there.

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  1. Ooooooh Swedz, I like these! Can't wait to see the film shots! <3