Feb 24, 2010

Something and Nothing.

I very much like the idea of photographing something and making people observe it or ask why it may be important. Or purely for reasons of formal qualities: color, composition, subject matter, lighting, etc. That is one reason I am intrigued by the Wall in Paris photo by Wenders. There's the beauty in the color, lines, shadows, and even the cracks along the ground. It makes that photo what it is and gives you a certain feeling.
I also like Something Is Missing by Jean-Marc Bustamante.
"The subject of the photograph is the entire picture and its layered complexity, drawn out of the process of walking and seeking pictures in the flow of daily life."
I love that this shows Bustamante as walking around and photographing what he sees. This is something I love to do. I will go on a walk and just photograph what catches my eye-or drive to a certain place to photograph what is around me. I love exploring the places I am at and seeing the beauty wherever I am at. This photo is reminding me of that. It keeps your eyes going through the photo as you look past the chain link fence in the foreground to everything that is going on in the background of the photo. I just love to look at it. It is taking the two vines on the fence-taking something simple, and using the business of the background to play into the photo as well. It is beautiful to me. And, fancy that, can't find the photo on the internet. Awesome.

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